Learn the Basics of Using TimelyBill

Welcome to the course curriculum for TimelyBill Basics! This session will help you become more proficient at using our platform.

Chapter 1, Getting Started, is an overview of navigating our system. Then, learn how to use Quick Search in Chapter 2. Next, we introduce Data Grids in Chapter 3. Finally, please familiarize yourself with our Account Summary screen in Chapter 4.

Course curriculum

    1. TimelyBill Basics

    2. Navigating this Site

    1. How to Use Quick Search

    2. Quick Search (Video)

    3. Quick Search - Key Takeaways

    4. Quick Search Quiz

    1. How to Use Data Grid Views

    2. Sorting, Grouping & Filtering Data (Video)

    3. Saving Data

    4. Data Grids - Key Takeaways

    5. Data Grids Quiz

    1. How to Use the Account Summary Screen

    2. Using the Account Summary (Video)

    3. Account Summary - Key Takeaways

    4. Account Summary - Quiz

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