How to use the TimelyBill Learning Center website

  • How does the the enrollment process work?

    Once you have emailed us to enroll, your request will be reviewed to ensure that you are an existing TimelyBill customer. Once approved, you’ll be given immediate access to the course via the Course Player. The Course Player is the course-taking environment itself - the part of where you can go to view the curriculum, watch videos, take quizzes, and more!

  • Why do you have quizzes?

    Quizzes are not just an evaluation tool; they encourage learning. Each individual TimelyBill training course ends with a short 2-3 question quiz to confirm your comprehension of the subject material and to have you immediately engage with the content that was just presented. Once complete, you are awarded with a certificate of training. Each quiz has a passing grade of 100%. If you do not pass the quiz, you will see the overview screen immediately and will be encouraged to try again.

  • How are TimelyBill training certificates are issued?

    After you complete a course, the certificate will be issued 'on-click' which means that your certificate will be generated and issued once you click "Generate my Certificate".