Using TimelyBill's CRM Tools

Welcome to the TimelyBill Training Website, your comprehensive guide to mastering the intricacies of our cutting-edge billing and customer management platform.

In Chapter 1, we delve into the fundamentals with an introduction to Customer Management, providing you with a solid foundation to navigate the system efficiently. As you progress to Chapter 2, you'll explore the nuances of Managing Customers and understanding the various tools and features at your disposal. Chapters 3 and 4 will guide you through managing customer contacts and locations. Moving forward, Chapter 5 introduces the concept of Invoice Groups, offering insights into organizing and optimizing your billing structures. Finally, in Chapter 6, we focus on the critical aspect of Managing Payment Methods, empowering you to handle financial transactions seamlessly.

Let this training be your roadmap to unlocking the full potential of TimelyBill and enhancing your proficiency in customer management and billing operations.

Course curriculum

    1. General Customer Management

    1. Manage a Customer

    2. Managing a Customer (Video)

    3. Managing Customers - Key Takeaways

    4. Manage Customers - Quiz

    5. Advanced Customer Settings

    6. Advanced Customer Info (Video)

    7. Advanced Customer Management - Key Takeaways

    8. Advanced Customer - Quiz

    1. Managing a Customer Contact

    2. Managing a Customer Contact (Video)

    3. Managing Contacts - Key Takeaways

    4. Customer Contact - Quiz

    1. Managing a Customer Location

    2. Managing Customer Locations (Video)

    3. Managing Locations - Key Takeaways

    4. Customer Location - Quiz

    1. Managing Invoice Groups

    2. Invoice Groups

    3. Invoice Groups - Quiz

    1. Managing Payment Methods

    2. Managing a Payment Method (Video)

    3. Managing Payments - Key Takeaways

    4. Customer Payment - Quiz

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